You may pay your dues to the Membership Chairperson, Joan Landreth for the current year.  

Membership Application for the Island Estates Women’s Club

Name ____________________________________________Birthday (M/D/Y) ______

Husband or Significant Other ____________________________________

Local Address ________________________________ Unit ____________

Summer Address ______________________________ Unit ____________

Summer Dates __________________ Summer Phone ________________

City __________________________________ State _______ Zip ______

Telephone _________________________________________

How Did You Hear About Us?  ____ IEWC Member    ____  IEWC Website

____ Facebook   ____ Word of Mouth  ___ Newspaper     

Other  ______________________________________

Newsletter by snail mail or e-mail (circle one)

E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________  
(E-mail address will not appear in the yearbook)

Would you like to serve on the IEWC Board or a Chairperson of a committee?  ____ Yes


Member: Dues are $21.00 (a resident of Island Estates)

Associate Member: Dues are $26.00 (a member in good standing who moves away from Island Estates)
Sponsored Member: Dues are $26.00 (sponsored by a regular or associate member in good standing.)
Sponsoring Member__________________________________

Make checks payable to I.E.W.C. 

Please send to: Joan Landreth,
2998 Fieldbrook Place, Clearwater, FL  33761

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